Hi, we're Narra.

We're reinventing finance in developing countries.

Globally, more than a third of all adults lack access to a bank. That's 2 billion people.

More than a third of adult are unbanked

Financial inclusion is a problem.

Lack of financial services prevent people from independently improving their lives. Without credit, savings, and insurance people cannot fully participate in the global economy.

More than a third of adult are unbanked

That’s more than 1 in every 3 adults worldwide

Person with no identity
Person with no identity

Lack of identity does not help.

The World Bank estimates that 1.5 billion people in our world cannot prove their identities. Banks cannot lend to someone who lacks what is necessary for basic KYC.

Narra is creating digital identities for the world's 2 billion unbanked using things everyone has: physical and cognitive attributes.

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